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★★☇The monster has always been the true subject of the Frankenstein story, and Kenneth Branaghs new retelling understands that.Mary Shelleys Frankensteinhas all of the usual props of the Frankenstein films, brought to a fever pitch: The dark and stormy nights, the lightning bolts, the charnel houses of spare body parts, the laboratory where Victor Frankenstein stirs his steaming cauldron of life. But the center of the film, quieter and more thoughtful, contains the real story.The Creature (Robert De Niro) has escaped his captivity and wandered into a pastoral setting where a little family lives peacefully. It is cold, and he creeps into the barn, feeding from the same trough as the pigs, and looking longingly through the window to the peaceful scene around the hearth. In the night he prepares firewood for his unwitting hosts. The family gradually becomes aware that some sort of forest spirit is befriending him - and the old grandfather, who is blind, actually invites the Creature in to sit by the fire.This Creature, more than those in any of the earlier films, is acutely aware that in appearance he is a hideous monster. He also knows more about his origins. He reads Frankensteins original journal, and learns how he was constructed from parts of dead bodies.And he is thoughtful:Yes, I speak, and read, and think, and know the ways of man,he says, with an echo of Caliban. And he asks,What of my soul? Do I have one? What of these people of which I am composed?The whole issue of the Branagh film is concentrated here: Has Frankenstein created a monster, or a man? De Niro brings a real pathos to the role, and there is agony when he asks the scientist,Did you ever consider the consequences of your actions?And his loneliness is palpable:For the sympathy of one living being I would make peace with all.But the film surrounding these scenes is less satisfactory.Branagh has always been a director cheerfully willing to shoot for the moon, to pump up his scenes with melodrama and hyperbole, and usually I enjoy that (as inDead AgainandHenry V ). Here, however, faced with material that begins as lurid melodrama, he goes over the top.The movie is bracketed with an unnecessary prologue and epilogue, taken from the original nov el, during which an Arctic expedition encounters Frankenstein and his monster wandering far from home on the frozen wastes. Presumably this material is there to allow the headstrong explorer (Aidan Quinn) to learn from Frankenstein the hazards of indulging ones will. But thats a point the movie has already made.The story leading up to Frankensteins desire to create life involves his love affair with Elizabeth (Helena Bonham Carter) his sister by adoption. Carter continues to blossom as a passionate English rose, and Branagh, as Frankenstein, is convincingly obsessed with her (they kiss as the camera whirls around them like an homage toVertigo ). But as a blood-soaked Caesarean birth is accompanied by lightning bolts pulverizing trees, we begin to wish Branagh would turn the volume down. (One sequence I did like involved the harnessing of lightning to give the Creature life; its inspired by the 1935Bride of Frankenstein ).



奄奄一息的维克多.弗兰肯斯坦(肯尼思·布拉纳 Kenneth Branagh 饰)被北极探险船救起,他告诉了船长沃尔顿(艾丹·奎因 Aidan Quinn 饰)一个令人难以置信的故事。年轻的维克多与父母收养的妹妹伊丽莎白(海伦娜·邦汉·卡特 Helena Bonham Carter 饰)生活在一起,一次他偷取了一本使死人复活试验的医学笔记,并用偷来的尸体创造出了一个全新的生命“创造物”(罗伯特·德尼罗 Robert De Niro 饰)。可是“创造物”并不乐意这样生活,他逃走了企图开始新生,但是他失败了,经历了种种羞辱后他恨透了维克多。在维克多准备与伊丽莎白结婚时,“创造物”回来了,他残忍的杀死了新娘。悲痛欲绝的维克多故技重施,用伊丽莎白的尸体创造了一个再生人,“创造物”认为再生的新娘与自己是一样的,企图占有她,再生新娘以死相抗最后引火自焚。失去一切...

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